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ni 6008 counter continous output

there is an example in labview examples.


here is the sceen shot of that example.Capture.JPG


I've NI 6008.

 can i use this  to generate pulses of varying duty cycle, while the program is running?

If so then tell me what are the things ive to place in the place of counter input and output terminal ports?

How am i supposed to get  these pulsesthrough the ports of NI6008. It is not asking any of the analog ports and digital ports.



As i mentioned, I've NI 6008.

I've connected this to my system and started running this 

but it is showing the error as shown.Capture.JPG



I'm unable to understand what does this error means?


please help me regarding this.


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When browsing the examples, you should really select the hardware you are using so you don't waste time with examples that are not applicable.
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