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How to make Match Pattern keep searching a text file until the end of file?

Would anybody know how to wire/make Match Pattern keep searching
for a "regular expression" within a text file until the end of file?
What happened to me was after Match Pattern found a match, it stop.
My text file has many "regular expression" are the same but I need
to find them to get data. Just for an example:
Voltage at TP9 is 3.4
Voltage at TP8 is 5.1
Voltage at TP3 is 4.8

and "regular expression" = "Voltage at" , how to make Match
Pattern keep go on until
the end of line 3? This is just an example of 3 lines, my text
file is sometime unknow of how many lines will be.

Thanks for help.
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Do you want an array of all the matched expressions?
Please post your VI.  Use constants or controls with their default values saved to some representative data.  It is probably just a matter of putting your existing code in a loop.
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By itself, it won't do it. You have to put it in a while loop. Start with the offset input set to 0, then with each subsequent pass through the loop start the search at the location of the last find +1. Continue until the returned offset is -1 and you're done.


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