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How to load a VI into a dynamically selected SubPanel?

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I would like to dynamically select a subpanel for which to load a VI into.  I modified the LabVIEW Help example "Multiple VIs in a" to illustrate my issue. 


I understand the static example.  It works fine. 


I have a situation where I have several subpanels and a number of Plugin VIs.  Here is an example of how I thought I might be able to code it.  What is wrong?  I understand this may be pushing scripting a little bit too far. 


A fall back is to use explicit instead of the implicit Insert VI Method.  But that is not as elegant of code and not as scalable. 




Mark | CLA
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Your code has the VI trying to edit itself.  Which is not allowed.

The "Create.Control Ref" method creates a reference on the block diagram of the VI that owns the SubPanel (which is itself).

Try the attached VI instead.

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Your example VI works.

I understand now and I thank you for your explanation.  


Mark | CLA
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