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How to know if the LabView program running in the background got errors without opening LabView window

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Hi Everyone!


Am a newbie to LabView.

I have developed a recursive program that keeps running until its stopped. I have connected the test setup to my PC where I do other stuffs as well. 

So what I do is, click RUN in the LabView window, program starts running and I keep doing other works. I check whether the program is running without any errors once in a while. But sometimes I forget to check and it happens to show pop-ups explaining some error has occurred and can it STOP or CONTINUE. 

Since the whole program is on the background, am not able to track when the error actually occurred.

Is there a way to show pop-up if any errors have occurred in the background LabView program that is running while doing other stuffs in the PC?




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Hi Tsbsr,


when those "continue or stop" dialogs pop up then you forgot to implement decent error handling…

That being said: yes, you can handle errors on your own and you can do, whatever you think has to be done!

Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2020 on Win8.1/10+cRIO
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Hi GerdW,


Thanks for your reply.

Yes I know that I should do some error handling but its not a consistent error. Am doing lots of I2C reads and file write each second but most of the time everything looks good.

how do I know if the VI is running or halted without visiting it?



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You could try using the Debugging Window.  Call it using this:




Any string you input will write to the debugging window which pops-up on first call.  It looks like this:


DbgPrintf window

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Accepted by topic author TSBSR



but its not a consistent error. … but most of the time everything looks good.

So because the error is not popping up with each iteration of your loop you can dismiss any error handling? Fail!

Especially when such errors only occur once in a while you want to know the (possible) reasons with some additional information!


how do I know if the VI is running or halted without visiting it?

Implement some error handling so your VI will never "halt"…


Btw. Q's debug window function only works in the IDE, in an executable the debug window will not open… (Atleast it did so when I tested it with LV2011.)

Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2020 on Win8.1/10+cRIO
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Thanks GerdW for your inputs!

I did code review and found 2 bugs. Solved it and now my setup is alive for 2 days in a stretch.


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Thanks Q for your inputs but I wasnt able to try it out

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