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How to highlight tree item ?

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Hello everybody !


I have a question : how to highlight a tree item on a condition ? (please see the attached vi and the pictures for a clearer explanation of the problem)


I am using LabView 2014.


Thank you very much !







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Any ideas ? Anybody ?

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Accepted by AndreiN2014

Have patience.  You only aske the question about 40 minutes earlier.


You highlight rows like you want by writing values to the tree control.  Don't mess with cell background color.


Are you trying to highlight multiple items?  If so, then right click on the control and allow it to select 0 or more items.  As soon as you select a mode with the possibility of more than one item, the tree values become an array of strings rather than just a string.  You will need to build an array of strings that you will write to the control's local variable to highlight the multiple items.

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OK ! Thank you very much for the answer !


It's just that the problem has been bugging me for a while now ! 😉

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