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How to get the results of WINSAT



I using the cmd System to call the WinSAT.exe and it is executing the winsat.exe (winsat formal -v) by opening the other winsat command prompt and the "standard output " string of System is empty. How to read or get the output from the winsat command prompt or as winsat.exe has built in the command line, is there any way to direct the WinSAT.exe instead of using the cmd line to WinSAT.exe? 




Thanks in advance!!

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It's all pretty confusing. You claim to call WinSAT.exe from LabVIEW and that this then calls winsat.exe in turn. Considering that Windows is not using case sensitive filenames this can't even start to work. So can you explain more?


If you really try to call an exe that calls another exe, you only will see the standard IO from the secondary exe, if the primary exe explicitly hooks the standard IO from the child and then forwards that information to its own standard IO. And you can only see the standard IO from the called exe in LabVIEW if you set Wait for Completion? to TRUE. Otherwise LabVIEW does not try to hook the standard IO of that process, since that process may and almost always still is executing when LabVIEW returns from SystemExec.

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