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How to get remote source timestamp at short time intervals

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I want to get a time stamp from a remote time source at something like 4 minute intervals and have been looking at UDP and TCP client example VIs but have not found suitable address and port numbers to make it work. I know the pc uses ntp for time correction but dont want to use the pc time as a baseline. can anyone suggest a good way to go about this? 

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You might do a Web search using "LabVIEW NTP".  There are solutions for LabVIEW Real-Time readily available.


Bob Schor

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Thanks, found a great solution "help with connecting to NIST NTP server on port 123"

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Once you get this working, why don't you post it back to this thread and mark it as a Solution?  This helps others who come here wondering "How do I ...".  Glad I set you on the right track.


Bob Schor

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Accepted by topic author EdHarris

Here is the solution provided by Altenbach in the post mentioned above. I changed the IP address to a local server and it worked.
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Hi Altenbach,

That last version of your code doesnt contain the correction for round trip delay does it? If not, any suggestion how to set about including it?

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