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How to find max and min of each cycle, and then save


I'm a newbie at this and learning as I go along, so sorry if it turns out to be a simple thing:

I need to find the max and min of a signal of each cycle, and then save the max and min for each cycle (usually up to about 3k cycles) to graph later on. I know that there is the max and min function in the comparisons tab, but don't know how to tie that in to create only one max and min per cycle.

I'm using labview 6.1 so I'll need a jpeg so that I can just recreate it.

Thanks for your help!
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You will need to know when the cycle starts and when it ends. Record data during that process to an array. Feed that array to the find min max on the comparison pallette



Take the two values and make an array and save them to file. Then you just need to append the next cycle to the file.

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As a simple technique see the attached image to find the max and min of waveform and you can record all the max and min.

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Ok I'm having trouble wiring that together... So I'm having to save all of the data from the cycle first before I can fine the max and min right? I'm set on the saving part, just still lost on how to wire the whole thing together
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Post us image of your code.

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Unfortunately I can't add files with the iPad, so I'll have to add an image later when I have a wifi connection. Thanks again for your patience
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ok, here's an image. the top is all of the conditions and outputs to the experiment, middle is the output signals of the experiment, and then the bottom is the xy chart. i need to find the max and min of the movement signal.



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