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How to display accurate elapsed time on waveform chart/graph

Hi everyone,

I have one last problem for my measurment program.
I want to make the chart/graph or diagram or anything like that to visualise the values during the process.
I used waveform chart, but i dont know how to set the real time on the x-Axis. I tried with multiplier, but it didnt work well, because my multiplier is some decimal number as 0,871151.. and it is not very accurate after the period of time.
Do you have any ideas how to make it work? 

Thanks in advance!

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You could pair each measurement with a time stamp and plot them on an XY graph.  Make sure your X-axis formatting is set to Absolute Time.

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If you use a Wavefrom Data type you can specify the actual time in the waveform. The chart will adapt.



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