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How to disable/enable mouse or keyboard functions

Hello all,
             As my subject, do you know how to achieve that functions ? the goal is not only at labVIEW front panel (this function can reach with lavVIEW event filter), but the other application panel, namely, the mouse or keyboard function lose function as I triggered a command with labVIEW. and can restore that function with "restore command" ,and I knew API calls dll can do this, but I searched MSCN website and NI website , I was fail to get that infoes. thanks in advance to help me.
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It's easy to disable/enable both using API, but not seperately.  I'm not sure this is a WinAPI related problem.  A doubt a LabVIEW function will disable you mouse or keyboard using API.  It's more like a interupt conflict problem.
George Zou
George Zou
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Thanks zou, Yes, I know use user32.dll a function whichi is "blockinput" to disable both of mouse and keyboard function, not seperately is not important for me, since my project is using "send key function (keyboard store)", and this action refuses all things inputs. so I haven't got the goal. my goal is that disable/restore keyboard and mouse is focal to device only. and "software input'' has function ! thanks @!

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