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How to create on delay timer

Dear All

i want to create on delay timer.

Condition is like that:

if Boolean A is true then Boolean B should true after set time provided that Boolean A is keep true whole during set time.



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Look at Elapsed Time Express VI and its Reset input, along with a Boolean Crossing Point by Point.

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How about an event structure with your set time wired to the timeout input, an empty case for a value change event on A, and in the timeout case wire A to B? Any change of the state of A will reset the timer, and when it elapses if A was true the whole time then B will be set true as well (or vice versa).

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i write attached code and its working. 

i also want that when max no# is updated at the same time, time should also update to view at what time this max no was detected.

please see attached vi.

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It can't be working.  It has a broken run arrow because the case structure selector doesn't have a wire going to it.


Your Max value should be updating continuously the way you have it programmed.

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