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How to create .net Dictionary

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I would like to create a .NET Dictionary object in Labview.

C# code is "Dictionary<int, List<string>> segmentBodies = new Dictionary<int, List<string>>();"


I'm able to create a List<string> as done here, but cannot create a Dictionary.


I'm aware that Labview doesn't support generics, but if possible I would like to create it in the same way as the List can be created.


Thanks for the help.

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It might be possible - you have to know the CLR-generated type names for List<string> and Dictionary<int, List<string>>. 


An idea - create a quick C# console application, create a new instance of your Dictionary and then print the actual Type name to the Console. This shiould give you a head start as to the generated name. Or you could guess it based on this (


If this doesn't work then my advice is to create a basic C# wrapper assembly around the Dictionary. This is probably the most maintainable option as you can limit your exposure.

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Accepted by topic author andrej

After checking all options I decided to go with the C# wrapper. I think that at the end it's the best and easiest option.

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