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How to create executable file for cRIO project


I have a project that consist of two VIs, which are 1)FPGA target and 2)main VI(host).

How can I create this whole project into the executable file so that I can run the project in the computer that doesn't have a Labview software.

FYI, I am using cRIO 9012 for the controller and cRIO 9114 for the chassis.

And I am going to run the project by using NI TPC 2206.

Thank You.

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For the FPGA target you should be able to just download your bit file to flash memory and have it load the personality when the device is booted.  The first link is a more general "Managing FPGA Deployments" while the second link talks more specifically about downloading bit files to your target


The main VI runnig on your touch panel might depend on exactly what you are doing.  If you are just opening the FPGA reference from your host and doing a simple read/write I imagine that it will work by just building your current VI into an executable.  I have not done this part before though so this may be wrong.

Matt J | National Instruments | CLA
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