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How to create a blinking property on the XY graph?



I am monitoring two lines that has a chance to collide from each other. The lines are represented through the XY Graph.

The user would like to see a "blinking" rectangle or square shape (depending on the lenght of the line) enclosing the line,

if collision is imminent. But if there is no collision, the rectangle or square shape will not be visible on the XY graph.

This is for the operators visual to check where is the collision might happen.

I attached a simple illustration of what i wanted to do.

1. How can I create the rectngle or suare shape figure if i am only given coordinates at the end points of the line?

2. How can i create the blinking property in the XY graph?


I would greatly appreciate for any help if above is possible.


Thanks a lot.

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Based on what you're saying it sounds like you're already determining if you have a collision situation and are turning on the LED. To draw the rectangle you can juse use the drawing VIs to draw on on the graph's drawing layers. You have three available to you: foreground, background, and middle. Examples ship with LabVIEW to show you how to use them. As for the blinking part you would need to handle this yourself. I would do it by having a separate loop that does the drawing. If the blinking condition is set, then you just need to toggle the box on and off (by clearing the picture to turn if off, and then drawing the rectangle to turn it on).
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