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How to compare two signals

I would like to compare two singals from NI-DAQ (ch0) and NI-Function generator (ch1).

One(ch0) is 500 Hz and the other(ch1) is a little bit complex (sine and then square pulse 250 times faster than 500Hz).

In so many times, I tried to get a trigger mode in ch0 or ch1.

The comparison points of two signals are starting and ending point(phase) to check the synchronization.


Is it possible to compare them by oscilloscope?

Is there a suitable instrument to compare them conveniently?





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Hello labmaster,


Could you tell me a little more about what you are trying to do? What devices are you using to generate your signals, and where are you trying to start and stop the aquisition? The way you would go about triggering on a 3rd party oscilloscpe will depend on the triggering options supported by that scope.


If a pure hardware-defined oscilloscope does not give you the kind of triggering you need, you might consider looking into using a NI digitizer. Not only do our digitzers support a large variety of triggering methods, you will be able to choose which samples to display through use of LabVIEW. 



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