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How to clean up the list of recent files in the Getting Started Window?

The pinned/not pinned distinction for projects appearing in the getting stared window (GSW) is a bit moot if like me you are working on only a few projects.

What I find particularly distracting is projects popping up in this list if, say, I check out some examples, or temporarily load a project from an alternate location, etc.

I want to remove those from the list right away, but as simple as the request sounds, I could not figure out how to do that elegantly.

Pinning/Unpinning doesn't work, there is no "Clear recent file/project list" in the corresponding LV menus and the only way I can think of doing that is by editing the ini file.


Am I missing something?

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Nope, you missed nothing!


Of course, you could easilly automate the process with LabVIEW by searching for the relevant tokens and selectively deleting them.  You could even pin the vi to make the ini edits right to the GSWSmiley Wink

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This has been one of those majorly annoying things I have screamed about for a long time.  And when they created the "new" GSW with the pinned projects and recent files, I was so hoping they would just add a simple right-click menu to remove an item from the list.  But no.  It didn't happen.


Here are a couple of Idea Exchange entries I found with a really quick search:

Exclude Examples from RECENT FILES and RECENT PROJECTS

Menu selections to clear history of recent files and/or projects (wow, only 3 kudos so far!)

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@crossrulz: interesting that I did not find those threads when looking for GSW threads... Kudoed and crosslinked.

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Oh Fine



Supplied as is modifiy as desired don't blame me for messing with your ini

Assumptions: you have not changed the default directory <LabVIEW>

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I'd replace the bottom loop by some dynamic event registration of Mouse Down and Mouse Move Events to track usage of the scrollbars in the main loop, plus a "Panel Close?" case to quit nicely and replace "recient" by recent" but otherwise, that'll do the job.

Readers, please go an Kudo the suggestions linked to by crossrulz

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When programmatically reading/writing tokens in the LabVIEW INI file, use these VIs:




They're platform-independent, and they don't require you to wire in the path to the LabVIEW INI file. I find these VIs so useful, I talked about them in my Hidden Gems in vi.lib presentation, even though they don't live in vi.lib. 😉

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The point being, it takes 15 minutes to roll your own.  Since it wasn't a billable project the demo POC is all I cared to take time off to do.  But, it comes up often enough that the demo was warented.  I'm sure VIA would puke all over some of it (like spelling)

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The VI Analyzer does check spelling? Whaddya know?

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@X. wrote:

The VI Analyzer does check spelling? Whaddya know?

yes, and ewe can add two you're own VIA dictionary [sic]



"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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