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How to clean up the list of recent files in the Getting Started Window?

would like to get a copy of your code for editing the GSW shown in this thread.

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Labview newbie here, which would be obvious as I am digging up 4 year old posts. Smiley LOL Somehow I landed up asking the same question about recent files. Anyway, at least in Labview 2016, if you change the path of your project, you will be prompted to delete the entry. More or less like windows deleting unwanted shortcuts after uninstalling the parent program.

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Has anyone revisited this on Labview 2017?  jcarmody's code has no actual effect on my displayed list.  Or do you have to clobber Labview just after running this code, so that Labview has no chance to re-save its list over the changes?

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I think that is what you have to do as LabVIEW will resave the ini based on what it has in memory when you go to close it.  Perhaps if you turned this into an exe and ran it while LabVIEW is closed, it would work just fine.


But honestly, it isn't that hard to edit the LabVIEW.ini file while LabVIEW is closed and manually delete the filenames you don't want.  The hardest part of that is that if you want to be selective, finding and highlighting the file names you don't want then hitting the delete key.

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I recall suggesting (I think on the Idea Exchange) adding a "Clear History" button to the Getting Started With list, only to be told "Who needs that?  Just edit the .ini file".  So I wrote my own.  Since I was running multiple versions of LabVIEW, the first screen showed the Versions (if more than one) and let you choose.  It then showed three Screens, "Recent New Projects", "Recent Projects", and "Recent Files" (I'll confess that I don't really understand the distinction between the first two "Project" lists) and lets you choose to save/delete individual entries, or save/delete all of them.


I discovered that you want to do this when LabVIEW is not running (i.e. you want to build an Executable) -- I didn't investigate enough to figure out if LabVIEW was caching the entries and rebuilding the .ini entries when you exit -- since this was something I built for myself, I "knew the rules" and abided by them.


I'm not sure when I developed this, but it was at least 6 years ago.  It's handy, and I still think it would be a Good Idea to have a "Clear Entries" button on the GSW window ...


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totally annoying...why can i not clear that list somehow ?! this should be like a super obvious fix/addition. 

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@Philipp_Elhaus wrote:

totally annoying...why can i not clear that list somehow ?! this should be like a super obvious fix/addition. 

Oh, this just resurfaced in my notifications due to Kudos activity.


Perhaps I had failed to mention an obvious (to me) proviso.


Save and Run the attached vi in a different LabVIEW version than the LabVIEW.ini you want to edit!😲 after all who has only 1 version of LabVIEW installed on their primary development machine anyway? 🤯

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