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How to Read data From Excel File in Labview 8.5?

We can read it from xls file, but it is encrypted..... we need exact data...
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Hi KarthikeyanMathialagan,
can you please give us more informations? Maybe you can upload your code.
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i have attached that excel file...i want to extract the full data from that i can read it...when i read by using "Read from spreadsheet file" function, data was in encrypted please send me the correct way...

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The "Read from spreadsheet file" can only read from text files in csv format not the format of Excel which is a MS properitary format.
Either you purchase the "Reporting toolkit for MS Office" or you program all the ActiveX stuff by your own. Be aware that you need to have Excel installed and licence on each machine your code is running.

Using 7.1.1, 8.5.1, 8.6.1, 2009 on XP and RT
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Hi KarthikeyanMathialagan,
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