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How to Prevent dragging a Running Execution File

I have this VI which i intentionally hide the "minimizeable", "resizeable", "closeable" buttons and the task bar when the Executable File is running. I did this so that no one can access on my platform or files in my target PC. 
But I still have one more problem, that it is still possible to drag the Front panel. Is there a way to fix the front panel as it is?
Any advise I would greatly appreciate. Thanks in advance.
kind regards,
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Go to VI Properties>>Window Size and set the window to fill the entire screen.

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And make sure the window is maximized.

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Thank you for the reply.
I have done that. Also, when I made the execution file, in the Source File Settings, I put a checked on the Window is Maximized.  But I am having the same result.
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It looks like you are correct and that the window only fills the screen completely if you remove the title bar as well, so that would be my suggestion. If you don't, it still displays the task bar (until you do something which causes it to cover it), even though the display of the task bar remains frozen on what it was when you started. It also allows you to move the window. It's possible that this behaviour is a bug in either 7.x, XP or the combination of them.

You should also remember that if you have a keyboard, for instance, the user will still be able to access windows very easily by any number of key combinations, and to really block them you would probably have to replace the shell applications. You should be able to find some pointers on that if you search the forums.

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Users still can use alt-tab to access to other running application window, including the Window Explorer.
They also can use the Window key on the key board to launch new applications ;).
George Zou
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Thank you very much for your replies and suggestions.
i made my own test today. i removed the Title Bar and it looks I can't drag the front panel anymore. I think this will work for me.
My monitor is a touch panel without keyboard. And the only way to access to the software keyboard is through the Task Bar which is hidden in the Front panel.
Thanks a lot.
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