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How print properly documentation of blockdiagram?



I am trying to documents properly a labview program.For that I would like to print all frontpanels and blockdiagrams and all figures shouldn't be larger than one page in portrait mode. I would like also to print all descriptions of my objects and structures.


So I do that like that:



Select VI(s):  

Print Contents:        VI documentation

Vi Documentation:   Complete

Desination:              Printer

Page Setup:            Print header and use cusom margins of 2cm in left/right/top/bottom

Printer:                    Scale frontpanel to fit, scale block diagram to fit, page breaks between sections, print section headers, Surround panel with border

-> Print


My Problems are now that:


  • One hidden frames of blockdiagram will print on two pages (one part of one and another part of the other). The othe blockdiagrams is properly printed.
  • I cannot print the description of the structure off the blockdiagram. For example, I write a description of a "case structure" and would like to see it on printed page.
  • I use some "Tab" on my frontpannel and I cannot print all of the diffirent possibility as with the hidden frames for the blockdiagram

Does anybody know how to solve these problems?






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Try using the report generation VI's.

I am using LabVIEW 7.1 so the report VI's may have been updated since my code, however attached are some block diagram screenshots.  (This code is not the neatest; I just threw it together to generate some documentation.)  The first generates an overall report and the second loops over the paths of subVI's and appends their icons, descriptions, and revision histories.  In the first you can see cluster whose elements govern many of the report generation features: margin size, page orientation, etc.  You can modify those as you need.  In my case the final report is in HTML format which I can open in Microsoft Word and then edit and then print.


Leif Kirschenbaum, Ph.D.

LabVIEW user since 2.0
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Thanks for your answer. Can you maybe send to me an example of a printed documentation?


But are you sure that it is possible to have more possibility for printing with this method. I think that it is only a way to print programmatically but it's didn't add other features isnt'it?



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When you print the VI documentation as you currently do if you change the destination to "HTML" then you will see an example.  I find this use as I can then open the HTML file in a word processor and add or delete pictures and I may resize picture so that they fit on the page better.

You are correct: now that I have looked at the print dialogs it appears that if you select "Print contents: Custom" you may make all of the same configurations.  In a following dialog you may select to print "Hidden frames" and "Ordered" to see all of the frames from case statements.

The difference with printing programmatically is that you may generate or specify a list of particular subVI's to include (or exclude), whereas the Print dialog only permits you to select all of the VI hierarchy.


Leif Kirschenbaum

LabVIEW user since 2.0
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