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How do you play/display a video clip ?

Would like to play a standard .avi clip on the front panel of Labview
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I think you have to use ActiveX, that's what I use for mpg files. Check this example if it helps.
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if it is uncompressed, it is ok, you can find some example from

if it is compressed..... it will still be ok, but you need to program in C++
"Ric alias" wrote in message
> Would like to play a standard .avi clip on the front panel of Labview
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You will definitely want to use ActiveX. I would suggest accessing the Windows Media Player ActiveX server. If you have version 6.4, everything should be fine. I'm currently working with the ActiveX control for the new Windows Media Player 9. It has a new SDK and I've gotten it to play but I'm getting no video. However, unless you've upgraded to this new version, everything should work fine.
J.R. Allen
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The links on this thread are old and dead. Any updates to this for LV 7.1 and 8? I'm looking for examples.



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Try this example. Though this was created for LabVIEW 6.1 it works in higher versions of LabVIEW as well.



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Hi Ankita,
this is a very nice example, but it uses the MediaPlayer 6.4- Object- Model. But when I load the MediaPlayer container (in LV8), I only have access to the MP9 (or MP10)- Container. How can I use the older version (except to copy & paste the example).
And on the other hand it's not advisable to start a project on the old model (despite it's so much nicer to handle), because we don't know how long Microsoft will support this model in future Windows versions.

Greets, Dave
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Hi Dave,

You are right about using WMP 10 since MS will at some point probably drop support for earlier versions of WMP. I have however been unable to find an example that uses newer object model. Hence I put together a quick example (test .vi). What I would suggest is open this example in LabvIEW 8.0 and understand its working. Now you can modify/add the properties to add more features to the VI. You would be able to get information  about all the ActiveX properties/methods of WMP 10 at MSDN.



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