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How do i setup my vi for continuous ping using LV 7.1.

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I am trying to write a vi that will monitor a continuous ping to the network.  I would like for the vi to be able to count how many packages are dropped or received.  Currently I'm using w/ LV 7.1.  However this is not continuous and I cannot account for every package.  I read on other threads that Raw_Socket_Ping.llb and NET.llb are better solutions.  Where would I obtain these?  Also where would I place them in my LabVIEW folder structure?


Looking for any advice...

Thanks in advance.


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When you list those llb's, I'm assuming you are refering to the ones that AltenBach linked to in this forum post (I saw you posted to this threads):


An llb is a LabVIEW Library Folder. It contains a group of VIs.

If you follow AltenBach's first link, you get to this post where you can dowload the Raw_Socket_Ping.llb (it's an Attachment in the post):

This llb was made by LabVIEW users on the discussion forums. Did you try downloading the llb and opening it in LabVIEW? I can't garauntee that the code will work, but it could be a good starting point.


As for the NET ping that AltenBach refers to, I only see an image on the thread.


Do you know the commands that your system needs to ping the network? Do you have this in a while loop that is too slow?

Taylor B.
National Instruments
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The NEt example that AltenBach refers to is an attachment a few posts up on this forum:


The LLBs mentioned are not built-in examples with LabVIEW. They are user made and shared on the Discussion Forums.

Taylor B.
National Instruments
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Hi Taylor,

Thanks for getting back to me.  I was able to download both Raw Socket Ping LLB library file, and  The Raw Socket will not run for me. It errors out on it calls for ws2_32.dll which it cannot find.  I guess I would need to download it. works for me, however howI do I gather information on how the property node is working?  No details appears in the Context Help window.  For example the units time is measured in, or the size of the ping/package being sent?

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The ws2_32.dll is the Windowsd Sockets DLL. Be very careful what you download from the internet. I don't knwo off the top of my head if this should be included in Windows or if you need to download it.


The attached picture is too small for me to read. What is the Property that the Property node is modifying?

Taylor B.
National Instruments
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Oh okay, I will do more research on Windoows Socket DLL before attempting to download, thanks!!  The screen shot is the same vi that was posted by AlthenBach.  The screen capture was only to highlight that no information appears in the Context Help window for the Ping Invoke Node. I would like to know the size of the ping/message getting sent.  Also the units timeout is measured in, I assume milliseconds.  So how do I obtain this information?




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That information would have to come from Microsoft. It's a Windows function as has been already mentioned.
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