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How do I get a shared variable that is a string to update on host?

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Hi all,

  I'm fairly new to LabVIEW so I apologize in advance.  I'm working on a vision application for some research and I am trying to pass an image from the target Smart Camera to the host.  I flattened the IMAQ image to a string and pass the string to a shared variable.  On the host end, I unflatten the image and try to display it to see if I'm really getting the image data back on the host.  However, it only displays the first frame and after that the image doesn't update.  In addition, the shared variable itself is not updating.  I have a timed loop on the target and a simulation loop on the host.  Any help or direction would be very much appreciated.


Many Thanks.

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It's me again, I've attached my .vi files if that could help anybody.  Thanks again.


Best Regards,



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I figured it out and will post here just in case it could help somebody else.  For some reason, the IMAQ flatten to string gave a format that the unflatten from string didn't like.  When I unflattened the string, it didn't recognize it as an image.  Instead, I just used the generic flatten to string block on the target and then when I unflattened the image on the host, I only needed to give the type which I got from declaring IMAQ memory allocation.  Maybe I'm just slow, but if this helps anybody else, great.  Thanks again.



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