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How can I specify relative SubVI file path in VIs?

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P@Anand wrote:

@iCat wrote:

What do you mean by "Those dialog box will come only when you are calling the vi directly by creating an instance"?


By creating an instace of what?

In a block diagram when you pull a sub vi into a main vi that is called the Instance of the sub vi. So when you replace the sub vi in some other place and when you open the main vi where the sub vi is called it will search for the vi since it is not found in its original place it will give you a dialog box to select the missing sub vi and then you can browse to the other location where you have kept the sub vi.

Your sentences are difficult to read due to lack of proper punctuations and proper capitalizations.

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Thanks guys. It turned out that my boss was confused a long time ago.


SubVIs are referred to with relative paths.

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To elaborate on those dialogs your boss *might* have seen:

When moving a project from one PC to another, as stated, works if all self written components are part of the project folder and the complete folder is copied.

But there are possibly components involved which are not self written and not part of a basic LV installation. Example are community libraries, which are normally installed into the user.lib folder within the LV installation.

Depending on the installation of the two systems, the automatic loading possibly fails (library missing, installed in an unexpected folder, ...).



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