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How can I program the AVR microcontroller using LabView?


I want program ATMEGA128A using LabView.
I have read documents related to this subject and I tried but I didn't.


I heard C/C++ Development Tools for NI Linux Real-Time, Eclipse Edition. Could this be a solution for me?

My MCU has not a bootloader. Should my MCU has a bootloader , how will I program the AVR using LabView?

How can I make a similar AVR studio using LabView?


Are there other solutions available?


be very happy if you inform me.

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You mention a couple of seemingly different things in your post.


My guess is that you want to program your ATmega chip, and then control it using LabVIEW - is this true?

What you seem to be actually saying is that you want to write some LabVIEW code that will create an IDE which produces and uploads AVR-suitable binary files. My guess is that this is not what you really want?


I think you probably want to look into using avr-gcc. Take a look at the "Using avr-gcc" section, and perhaps look into some of the online tutorials available for making Arduino boards without the Arduino - these typically have titles involving words like "standalone" or "breadboard" and ATmega or Arduino.

This (Arduino-based) tutorial might be informative: ArduinoToBreadboard - it's kind of from the opposite direction (it basically starts with an Arduino, then moves to the ATmega alone) but might give some clues.


Once you have running and uploaded code, you can use the normal serial communication options in LabVIEW to send commands to your board.


If alternatively you really do want to program directly from LabVIEW, I expect you'd need to use file I/O to write text-code files from a string control (a bit ugly compared with using a real text-editor) then call avr-gcc or a similar cross-compiler toolchain from the command line using the System Executable node, then use the serial nodes to upload the binary produced. Refer to the ATmega manual for information about what it expects in that direction - it isn't likely to be particularly straightforward, but is doable if you really really want to...

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hi, ,


Thanks a lot cbutcher for your respond.

I  really  want to write some LabVIEW code that will create an IDE which produces and uploads AVR-suitable binary files.

if I can't create an IDE ,  I will want to program directly from LabVIEW.


Has anybody tried the use SDK  in labview for AVR programming?



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Ah. Then I'm afraid you're far beyond what I know anything about.

However, I'd suggest based on brief reading that it isn't going to be very nice. These links might give some more information to help you get started, or to reconsider your plans...

Can I use LabVIEW to program AVR microcontroller

Developing embedded software using graphical programming (thesis, looks interesting but not sure it will cover your microcontroller, it instead looks at the ARM processors and the previous Embedded Module by NI)

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