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How can I extract a particular column from a csv file?

I am using Read from Spreadsheet My excel sheet is organized in comma delimited form as follows:


animal 1 data point 1, animal 2 data point 1, animal 3 data point 1

animal 1 data point 2, animal 2 data point 2, animal 3 data point 2

animal 1 data point 3, animal 2 data point 3, animal 3 data point 3


After being read in, the data are plotted on a mixed signal plot. The plot shows 3 waveforms; one for each animal. However, I would like to have a separate plot for each animal rather than having them all together. Is there a way to do this easily in Labview? I am relatively new to Labview, so any help is appreciated.

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Read From Spreadsheet will import the data as a 2D array.


Simply use the Index Array vi to extract the columns you want.  

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like this ...



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