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Help/advice needed? Labview write data/display measured datausing arduino

I have obtained measured data using labview and now I want to write this data to an external small display(coupled to an Arduino Mega 2560 board via USB). How should I start.

1. Should I configure the arduino first using the aruino IDE program itself then start to VISA write in labview

2. Or can I directly start with Labview Visa write


In case you guys have any examples for me, please share with me. I am attaching an oicture of the end display with arduino

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Fist you need to design your communication protocol.  Will you be sending ASCII commands or raw data?  How will you know if you got all of the data read?  How will you know if the data is corrupt?  Will the Arduino just be a pass through to the display controller?  If so, what is that protocol.


Once you figure all of that out, then you can start writing your code.  It does not matter which side you do first since both will be needed to test the system.

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You don't really need the Arduino Uno as a middleman.


There are LCDs that are controlled via RS232 port.

Just connect directly to your PC and control from LabVIEW.



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Hi thanks for your answer, Can this LCD be controlled using labview and USB directly? or are there any displays available that can be controlled using labVIEW directly without any "middle man"

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You'd need a USB to RS232 adapter since most PCs don't come with COM ports any more.


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Right. Also to mention my data will not be raw, but just numeric values and text thatneedsto be displaed. see teh parameters in the attachemnet. I am aiming to display the average field strenght at every moment. The processing of the raw data will be done by labview on a tablet

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I would suggest this display since it is usb ready and less expensive. I'm confused about why you want to use an external display instead of just displaying the data on the computer console front panel?

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