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Heidenhain ND 287 Data Communication Issue

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I have one Heidenhain ND 287 device. When i try to send data over VISA Serial communication, it shows time out error when trying to read.
NI MAX also shows time out error. But when  manually press the Print button, it works. The command for Print button is <ESC>F0002<CR>.

STX Command is CTRL B. What could be issue in my code/

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According to the manual it uses XON-XOFF protocol 


So in your code the Flow Control should be as follows , try changing this and see if works. 



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Hi LVNinja,

Thank you for your support .I a still getting the error. Even the Test panel Query is giving me an error.
2023-07-24 13_55_03-ASRL3__INSTR - VISA Test Panel.jpg


Attached is my test Vi. If i press the Print button manually, it reads the position. so i believe i am having some command issues.

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I have the same problem as you, how did you solve it?

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Accepted by topic author Jen-Joy

Hi @Juancfaz,


Please make sure you use the RS232 serial communication. I have used the RS232 to USB communication cable instead of USB cable and it worked. "02" in hexadecimal works as CTRL+B which is the command to return the position.

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Could you explain to me in general terms how you concluded that passing 02 hexadecimal is equal to CONTROL+B and could you give me your .vi code please, thank you.

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Please refer to the ASCII chart.

You can use Serial communication Vi available. Make sure the settings matches with the serial settings(baud rate, bits and parity bit etc.) of ND287.

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