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Have a error when convert simulink to labview using Tools Simulation Model Connveter


I'm trying to send the output from Simulink to LabVIEW so that it can be use as an input there.

Now I done to make it  A circuit by using the simulink program. Then I had converted Simulink  to LabVIEW program using Tools Simulation Model Connveter  .. But I'm currently facing a problem which is wire error and have an empty box and no connection. ... I hope you can help me and  solve my problem ... Here I have been attach files buck, boost, and inverters in format LabVIEW and also in the format of Simulink ..I use labview 2009 and Matlab 2007.


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this is circuit design buck,boost and inverter using software simulink..

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Hi fakhri,


It looks like you're using Simulink functions that the Simulation Model Converter doesn't support. Please look in the help to see functions are supported.

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how to solve this problem...because i dont know how to solve...can you help me...

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If you look in the help under LabVIEW Control Design & Simulation Help»Unsupported Blocks, you'll see that is says "Simulation Model Converter supports all blocks in the Simulink application software Base package". Looking at your models, I see you're using blocks that are from additional toolkits. The Simulation Model Converter does not support these blocks and there is no way for them to be converted. Your solution is to find a way to create your models without using unsupported blocks.


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