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Hello, I would like my data to be inverted but my X-axis to stay the same.  When I use inverting button in properties it inverts both.  Any ideas?  I'm using LabVIEW 2009.  and I am plotting with a waveform graph. 



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I don't see this behavior with LV2009.  I can invert the individual axes.  What you can try is inverting by hand, just type the value of the opposite marker into the x scale and it will automatically invert.  For example, if the x markers run from 0 to 10 and you double click the 0 and enter 10, the scale will invert.


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I tried doing it manually and it just inverts the graph back it its original position.  I'm am using property Nodes to define the axis and scale.  Attached is the file.


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I am going to need a stiffer drink than my Sobe to wade through that VI, I'll have to get back to you.  Any chance you can strip it down (and some subVIs were missing anyway).
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pretty much the only part of the code that i'm worried about is where the amplitude sweep graph is.  It takes data from the peak to peak array and plots it.  This VI is used to control a programmable stepper motor controller and take data from an outside source.  the start property node is where the linear stage starts, the length is how long the stage is, and the index is the distance between each data point.


thanks for your help!!

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I extracted the relevant parts to the Amplitude Sweep Graph but was still unable to reproduce the behavior.  It seemed to work as I would expect and I could invert either axis at will.  What are your usual values for start, index and length when you run?



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the axis invert as were saying, however, I need the graph to invert and NOT the axis.  The way the graph is right now, the first point keeps on getting shifted left to a greater position.  I want the graph to be set up where the first point is at 0 and the last point at 240, not the other way around.  Any ideas?


Thanks again!

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hey, I figured out what my problem was.  When I was using the bundle block, all I had to was invert my index. 


Thanks for your help!

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