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Graph with four scale need to sized porportionally when each scale range All Scale Major Grid Line should be in single lines

Hi Guys,


Attached the Snaps of XY gragh ,which has two scale .


Now,When changed the range of one scale,sometimes I am getting two Major gird lines representing two scales,Refer Snap 1.This is OK and its a default behaviour .


But is their is any way to have single grid line comprising for all the scales ,whatever the scales range changes individually,something shown in Snap 2.


Do Math work helps to achive this and other possiblities is thr ? Please suggest on this.


This idea to make Graph looks good for all the time with its data plots, if we have Grids line a single one. 


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I'm no expert, but as far I can can tell you'll have to do some math to always ensure the gridlines look how you want them to.


You can do this programatically using property nodes.  You'll want the Yscale.increment property to set the scale, you may also want to read from the Y scale max and min properties so that you can do some math to determine the value you want for the increment.


Most importantly, you'll want to use the active Y scale property to switch between your two y scales.  You'll want to be careful to avoid race conditions so that you don't set the wrong things to the wrong scale.


There may very well be a better way to do this.

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