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Graph simplified image export....a way to export with the same background color?

Here is my graph in labview

before export.PNG


And here is my graph when I export the simplified image

after export.PNG


Is it possible to keep the black background after export?

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If you want the background, use the invoke node => Export Image instead.


George Zou
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It looks like zou answered your question but I just want to mention that the "simplified image" is made the way it is (white background) because this is intended for printing.


Nobody wants to empty their black ink cartridge printing a chart with solid black background.


In general charts with a black background are frowned upon when they are put into a document for this very reason.



=== Engineer Ambiguously ===
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Ahhhh ok thanks guys!

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Welllllll it still didn't seem to work. I attached my VI, but here is a screenshot. I know this isn't proper code, I should be using events but I'm just playing around right now

export test.PNG

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Try attached VI.

George Zou
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