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Graph Indicator 'lost' some parts after resize its bound.

I need fit my graph indicator to window size so i use "plot area>size " property node to do so. However, after i done the scaling, some area of the graph indicator are "lost". 



After that , i clicked "Function Tab" button which will open an additional tab which is overlay the graph indicator as below. And clicked again to hide the additional tab, the graph indicator will "lost" the area which the addtional tab had overlayed it. Its seem like graph indicator cannot "recover". It will returned to normal when i clicked another button to change my graph page to another page. Please take note that the graph is on a page of Tab. About the small two rectangles that i highlighted in the first image, i think is caused by my LED indicators which located on another page of the Tab because the location of lost part is exactly the same with the LEDs of another page. Last image is the program that i done to resize and relocate the indicators. This program i put it into a event structure which under "pane resize" event. The bug will not exists if i remove the resizing program. Please advise me how to solve this bug. Thank you





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Don't use graphs on tab controls -- NI has been trying to get that to work for years. Better yet, don't put anything on tab controls, ever.



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