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Grablink Express - erreur - ChannelState ACTIVE

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Bonjour a tous


J'ouvre un post sur le forum NI car je rencontre un problème d'initialisation de ma caméra Photonfocus MV-D1024-CL controlée via la carte Euresys Grablink Express.

J'ai installé le logiciel multicam et téléchargé les drivers sur le site NI. Ma carte est donc controlée via une dll (Multicam.dll).


Lorsque je lance Grablink Snapshot Y8, j'ai une erreur qui apparait au niveau du sous-vi Si je laisse la valeur ACTIVE, j'ai une erreur. Par contre si je la change en ORPHAN je n'ai plus d'erreur mais les acquisitions ne peuvent pas se faire...


Pouvez vous m'aider a résoudre ce problème?





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Thanks to post on NI Forums, note that you're on the english part, the French one is located here:


Discussions au sujet de NI LabVIEW


So, we'll continue in english. First I want to make sure that you have followed all the steps described in the specs part 2 : How to get started (CameraLink) :


User Manual MV-D1024 Series


Arrived at step 12, you should be able to grabb an image. If not you may check for certain compatibily issue, depending on you configuration :


Framegrabber compatibility


As stated in this page :

"Note that some framegrabbers use CameraLink™ chipsets limited to 66 MHz pixel clocks. These framegrabbers are not compatible with Photonfocus cameras from the -160 and -240 speed classes (cameras with an 80 MHz pixel clock, such as MV1-D1312-160-CL-12).


If you have compatibility questions concerning your framegrabber, please contact our support team via ."


Basically, you have to be able to get an image with the different tools the Manufacturer/FrameGrabber provide, that will ensure that all the drivers and hardware is working properly, before dinging in some LabVIEW wrapper driver issues. For all this installation I think that photonfocus can also support you.


Also, you have to know that if we can determine that the issue comes from the LabVIEW driver, I'll not be able to help a lot as I don't have any hadware and it is not supported.



Victor F. | Systems Engineer
Certified LabVIEW Developer | Certified TestStand Architect
National Instruments Budapest

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Dear Victor,

Thank you for your answer and I would like to excuse me for this French mistake. I can explain in English.


I installed drivers of my framegrabber and then I run Multicam software. Using this software, I can get acquisitions and the parameters seem to be correct (frame rate, exposure time...).

So I think I have not problems with drivers from camera and framegrabber and the compatibility is OK.


Thank you



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Is there someone who can help me? Smiley Sad

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Accepted by topic author eaglewatch86

The solution is : The pathfile of the dynamic library has to be C:\\Windows\system32\MultiCam.dll

See you

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