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Giving Query Interrupted Error on Spectrum screen

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Hello All,


I want to do a screen capture for Spectrum analyzer ESA series. I am getting screen-shot but always same not the current one. If and only if i dont use MMEM:DEL function after the binary data read sub vi i get screen-shot but not the current one. And if i  use Function MMEM:DEL then i get blank screen-shot. And on the screen of Spectrum i always get message that QUERY INTERRUPTED and at the error output i get warning. I dont know whats making these things to happened... I will be very glad if anyone help me with this...

thanks in advance...


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Hi Pals,


I think this problem is more related to your your spectrum analyzer then to LabVIEW. Is there any documentation or sample code from the vendor how to get a screenshot? Or do they offer any LabVIEW driver VI's on their homepage?

There is probably one thing you could try to change in your code, you can use a delay betwenn the VISA Writes, maybe the analyzer needs some time time to procees a command


Kind regards


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Hello All,

Got the solution i was using wait untill so i changed to Watch delay and i was sending *OPC? but not reading so it was giving error...

Thanks for all help...


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