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Give Excel the focus back

I've developed a program that captures data from a hardware device (scale, multiplexer, & a magna mike) and displays the output to Excel. When the user presses the 'Get Reading' button or preses the F5 key, the data is then transfared to Excel (which is OK), but I would like the focus to go back to Excel so the user knows what cell they are on. I've tried IsFrontmost, TopMost & NotTopMost, changed the Window settings to Floating and Modal and I can't get the focus to go back to Excel.


Any ideas on what I should look for?


- Eric



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You would have to use some windows dlls to be able to do that and even then Im not sure you will be able to accomplish what you want. A better way would be to have a table on your VI front panel and display the data there or you might be able to work with active X and embed the excel table in the front panel. I would use a labview table though.

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