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GigE support for Photoneo 3D Sensor (Coord3D_... formats not working)

Hi, I am currently trying to us MotionCam-3D Color from Photoneo (3D Sensor) using NI MAX (and Labview) over GigE Vision. The device is recognized as Network device:


I am able to connect to the sensor, change settings, enable and disable components etc. I am also able to trigger frames.



However, I am only able to do so when outputing simple Intensity map which is Mono16. Other formats such as Range, Confidence map, Normals etc. are in Coord3D_32f, Coord3D_AC32f, Confidence32f or Coord3D_AC8. When I try to display these output maps, I encounter an error:


This happens with all of them. I understand that IMAQdx does not natively support these pixel formats, but is there any decoder I could use? Maybe directly in LabView? 

Besides that, am I able to display multiple output maps from the device at the same time? It seems I've got to choose only one in NI MAX, maybe LABVIEW will be different. 

I will be super thankful for any tips! I will then provide some examples for anyone who will be in a similar situation. They will be published on

Thank you.

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LabVIEW supports cameras as an "I/O device" for acquiring "image" data.  They do (try to) conform with such "imaging standards" as GenICam and GigE.  For proprietary imaging formats (such as the ones you mentioned), you might see if there are "translators" that can process other Image formats to provide the additional data contained in the Image types you would like to use.


Bob Schor

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