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Getting started with LabVIEW Resources

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I am new to LabVIEW and my company is willing to pay for training online or in person somewhere and anything else I might need to program this system.  My question is what resources should I buy?  I have already gotten the book "LabVIEW for everyone" and am reading it...what other steps or classes would you recommend?  I plan to get the home community version to learn too when not at work...but there are just so many tutorials I am completely lost on where to spend my time.  I am expected to be able to fully program a test stand with in 30 days that will be using a PLC to interface with hydraulic and feedback components.

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Hi Zoombot,


Since your company is willing to pay for your training. First try and see if you have any NI alliance member offering you an in-person training, it helps a lot, specially when they share their lessons learned while they are training you. You can tell them what project you will be working on and they will train you with more focus on topics that will concern you.


If not, here is my story, I started training with an NI alliance member, books they recommended me were LabVIEW Core 1,2,3. This covers majority of what one needs. But when I was being trained, COVID came and luckily NI launched free online training, I took advantage of that and Finished Core 1,2,3, NI Real-Time, NI FPGA and the LabVIEW Architect Course. 


Online trainings are now paid and you may have to buy SSP for that, not sure to access them without SSP. But they are similar to an in-person training. Just complete them step by step.


This allowed me to start programming within 2.5 months. I was kind of in a similar boat like you with time crunch. Unlike me, I hope you have some programming background. If you do, then rigorous training of couple weeks should get you up and running. But still 1 month is too short IMHO.

Good luck!

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You can get something done in 1 month but whether it will be professional looking is questionable. Now that is for just LabVIEW, now you bring in TestStand, that is another vast topic and it would again take a month or so to be familiar with the basics.


It is not logical for a newbie to architect a professional test system with just 1 month of training.

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Thanks I will get signed up for the core 1 training.  I am also going to see about finding face to face training in my area.  I like what I have been reading so for on how the software works.  I will say I am not new to programming just labview, but I am going to see if I can get the dead line moved back on project because I would like to make it correct over fast.

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