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Getting error message stating that there are no VIs with errors



Lately I've been getting an error message when starting an app.  But, the message says that there are no VIs with errors.  Why is this message appearing when there are no errors?

I've attached a screenshot.




Todd Munsell
Test Cell Manager
Wood Group Pratt & Whitney Industrial Turbine Services, LLC
Plattsburgh, NY
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This sounds kind of crazy, but there was an issue with Internet Toolkit not being activated that caused the error list window to come up whenever LabVIEW was opened.  Does this happen with every VI you open, and every time you open LabVIEW?  Do you have any unactivated products in your license manager?  You may need to uninstall the expired software if you do, specifically Internet Toolkit.  Let me know if this was the case.
Rob K
Measurements Mechanical Engineer (C-Series, USB X-Series)
National Instruments
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