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Get image several indicators... help!

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I am trying to get image to use in report of several indicators. I made handmade table with several indicators. And I would like to get the image of whole indicators to use in report.

I would like to use subvi with the table bigger than normal to get good resolution in image to use in pdf report.


I dont know if it is possible join all the indicators in one alone. Maybe use get FP image and subset the dimension of part i need....



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It sounds to me like you need a "static" image, one that doesn't change (since you plan to use it in a Report), but possibly one that uses a specific set of values.


When I look at your Front Panel, it looks like something that might very easily be created in Excel from two lists of numbers, one the "V" values, the other the values in the top row.  If I were going to make a picture, I'd definitely use Excel (the "programming" is trivial, you can format it easily with borders, color, shading, fonts, etc.) and capture an image of the Worksheet to use in my report.


On the other hand, if I was going to use LabVIEW to create a "dynamic" version of this image (and not worry, for now, how to "capture" it), I might well choose to take two Arrays, the V Array for the first column and a W array (I just made up a name) for the top row, and dump them into a prepared Excel template that had formulas and formatting in the other cells to create the entire table from the V column and W row.  After all, why work so hard when you don't need to do so?


Bob Schor

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Hi Bob,

Thanks for reply!.

Yes, I want to set the values and get the image. I dont want to use excel or word. I have the toolkit but they are very limited and I want the application work in any pc without having excel or word installed.

I am using exaprom PDF, so I would need the image of "false" table.

Labview should have the option of combine controls or indicators to get the reference like only one control and get the image easily.

I suppose the only way is get the FP and subset the dimension of image. Even I would like the process would run in subvi without open ....


I search some examples or ways to do it but I dont get one possible way to get a decent picture. Something like vi attached.

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Accepted by topic author Fonsi

Somehow, the idea of arranging Indicators on the Front Panel in a particular orientation and creating an image of it seems like a whole lot of work.  An alternative that might be much simpler is to use the Picture tools to create a "Picture" on the Front Panel, with text boxes whose text is taken from various controls and whose position is programmed as you choose.  Once you have all the pieces of your Picture looking like the Image you show in Example 2, you can convert it to a PixMap and "do things" with it, such as save it as a .PNG.


Bob Schor

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Hi Bob,


Finally I used the catpure of selected objects and get the png. Like you are saying.

Best Regards.


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Did this code actually work for you?  If so, Congratulations, and consider giving me a Kudo or marking my recommendation as a Solution.


However, I still don't like what you did.  You created a .PNG file, labelled it as a VI (I tried to open it with LabVIEW, and kept getting an error!), and continue to treat it as though it were a Front Panel Object.  If it is an Image, treat it like an Image, manipulate it like an Image (much simpler to do this than to fiddle around with Front Panel Objects), and build a Picture.


You will find that Simplicity almost always wins, especially if you are hoping to actually use the code to do something useful (other than pass an exam or course).  Sooner or later, you'll need to come back to this code (or someone else will need to look at it), and if it is obscure, people will not say "Thank you".


Bob Schor

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Hi Bob,

Yes, it works fine. Thanks for help.

I dont understand well what you mean... they are FP Objects. I built the fake table since it is impossible to do in labview using table tool.

I set the values from anothers vis and then I need to get the capture of this fake table. It is not one image. I though to do one picture and insert in background of table and insert only the values... but this system works fine. I got the vi from tool capture from Thanks to TST


I attached the two files again. I test them right now and they work well. Download them and execute 'capture selected panel objets'.

I was searching any way to do it and I found it was the best way to get it. I am not one expert in LV and this little fit is for a whole program app.


I hope you understand me now. If not is the case please, show me the way you were thinking to get it.


Regards, Fred.

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Ok, I got it. You mean I draw the fake table in one  picture... ok.

Well it would be good option but I already have made the table with several indicators (yes, its slow job). Maybe your idea would be easier but I dont know if it would look very fine. I suppose yes.


In the case it would be from start I would do it. But I have 2 tables in this way and the method I used works well for the case.

However, I will try your way in other time to improve my application.



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     "The Proof of the Pudding is In the Eating".  If it works, and you are happy with it (and are not in the fortunate position of being in Academics, where you can sometimes take the extra time to "polish" your code), go for it.  You might consider going to the VI Properties and writing in the Documentation a brief description of the algorithm (shouldn't take much time now) should you ever need to come back and ask "What was I thinking?".



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