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GPA Calculator

Hello, I need help with creating a (Grade Point Average) GPA Calculator using LabView Programming Version 13.0.

I want to let the user type in the Subject Title, with the Credit Point and the Grade Point (such as A, B+, B, C+, C, D+, D), and by pressing a Add button, the subject's GPA will be computed onto a list.

And then if the user wishes to add more Subjects to the list, the user can continue to type in another subject, credit and grade and press the Add button again.

When satisfied, the user can press a button that Totals the GPA together and display it. After Totaling up, the user can press to restart the program. Or to close the program.

I hope that this is clear enough for your understanding as I am a beginner at LabView and I could use some guidance.

Li Jia
I am a student, and have a project that need help in LabView. My email is

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Since you are a beginner, you need few basic tutorials on how to create some basic VIs to perform mathermatical opertaions.


Go through this tutorial section, covering every topic and then create a VI that could just compute a GPA of few subjects and display it over an indicator.


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Start with an enum

Hint: F = 0

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What have you done so far? Show what you have done and ask speciifc questions. These forums are not here to do your project for you. After all, the purpose of teh project is for you you to learn LabVIEW. You won't do that if someone here does it for you. We will however be more than happy to answer specific questions regarding the work that you have already doen and need help with.

Mark Yedinak
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