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Front panel Table Indicator behaviour changes when wired to the Connector Pane

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Hi all,


LabVIEW 18.0.1f4.


I have a single row 'Results Table' Indicator on my front panel and my diagram changes the cell colours depending on the values in a 'Results Array', 'Upper Limit' Array and 'Lower Limit' Array.


This works as expected until I wire the 'Results Table' Indicator to the Connector Pane in which case all cell values in the 'Results Table' Indicator get blanked on every 2nd execution of the vi.


Even if I place a 'Diagram Disable ' structure around all items on the diagram the 'Results Table' Indicator still gets blanked if it is wired to the Connector Pane.


In the attached example you will need to run the vi a few times to see it works as expected and then wire the 'Results Table' Indicator to the Connector Pane to see the blanking effect problem.


Any help would be much appreciated.

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It does work better if you set the execution options to "clear indicators when called".


Of course your entire approach is a bit convoluted. Why not just write the values to the terminal and do only the coloring on the loop?

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Accepted by topic author asnuaaron

See if this can give you some ideas to simplify your code, make it more self-documenting and make it work correctly,




If all upper/limits are the same, you can use scalar controls instead.


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Thanks very much altenbach.


Updating the 'Results Table' values outside of the loop fixes the problem but I've no idea why.


I've also taken on board some of your suggestions to simplify the code so thanks for that too.



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