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Floodfill Algorithm

Hmm, I didn't think about that.  Because now that you mention it, I redid the scenario, but it worked flawlessly.  Maybe I picked something that looked white (that was the color I was using).  Thanks again for your help.  I hope to talk to you again.


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hey all,


did somebody actually tried to implement the scanline algorithm in labview?

iam not that good in labview and couldnt make it work 😕


the floodfill vi from wiebe@carya works for me but it just takes an awful time cause my 2D array is huge.

so therefore i need a much faster algorithm.


kind regards,


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Hello re-fuse,


 I am currently unable to find an implemented scanline algorithm in LabVIEW. However, here is a suggestion to speed up the LabVIEW provided by wiebe@carya.


The link above describes a few ways to increase efficiency, including replacing a while loop with a for loop (if you know the iterations or size of the image).





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Firstly thank you for the floodfill contribution by wiebe@CARYA


I required a bit more performance, but only for 8bit images..... and improved the performance a bit.

I then replaced the array manipulation by a fixed array size, and 2 pointers, which improved performance by a factor of 10, but only for large arrays (images from a webcam)

Attached please find both options.

The searth path size is limited to 16*image size..... which occationally fails to fill a complex image.


I was hoping Opencvl would have the floodfill alrorithm included, but not yet....

If someone can beat this performance, please share.

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thx philippe for the input! 🙂


unfortunately i can't open your VIs cause i've only got LV 2013.

could you save it for LV2013 please?

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I tried to send the vi in version 9, and then in v13, but the NI web site is saying:


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maybe upload the VI somewhere else?

for example:

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.zip your files

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Zipped with version for 2009 attached

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