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Filter Data from Array and Graph



I am trying to filter array data, using some sort of filter. The idea behind it is to compress the data into a smaller amplitude boundaries.

Screenshot 2022-05-31 123214.png

 The waveforms are like this and i would love to compress by filtering to a smaller boundaries. To give some more detail here it is between 200k and 400k but I want to use somesort of filter to smooth the line because some of those datas are white noise. You can find my data used and VI below. Please feel free to give more than one solution if their are multiple because I am new to LabVIEW and would appreciate as much info as possible.




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You just need to play a bit with the filter parameters, I used this configuration and it worked.


There is probably other ways, but I dont remember.


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Hello Aldhair,


This was not the answer I was looking for but playing around I have gotten close to the solution, I am sharing my VI for anyone intrested.

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Dear Aldhair,


As you are working with a data file not an actual device that generates the data directly into labview you can just programmatically filter out the data by using for example select, or case structure, Or anything else that comes to your mind. Just put condition i.e if > 250K pass. otherwise go to the next value.




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