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File not found error on Uninstall



Got a problem with the deinstallation of Labviewer. I deployed Labviewer with all moduls using the setup.exe's and specfiles.


Installation worked fine and the software runs well.


But when I try to uninstall running "uninst.exe /log C:\temp\uninst.log /qb /x all"


It immediatly starts with an error stating "File not found RegDeleteKey" (see Attachment).

Judging by ProcMon and ProcessExplorer the Exception i caused from the nirg.exe.


If I click ok, the deinstallation goes on and finishes. Anyone an Idea on this topic?


Greetings, Alex

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I'm not sure if I understand your problem correctly:

You try to uninstall, ten you get an error message, but when you click OK, it uninstalls normally? The way I understand it, everything should be OK, now?


To toubleshoot this further, please give me a short summary of your system:

OS, LabVIEW Versions, which Toolkits/Modules


best regards,

Remember Cunningham's Law
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Yes that is excactly the problem.


The System is Windows 7 64Bit (Enterprise) and I used Labviewer 12. We installed all Modules from the 4 DVDs provided , as this was requested by the department which will use the software.


The error itself seems to be connected to the NIRG module. If I leave NIRG out from the installation, the deinstallation of all other modules works without an error.


Best Regards,

Alexander Jarke

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