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FPGA error: invalid or corrupt bitfile

what does mean repair RIO i am using PXI7841R and i have the same problem.

i compiled FPGA with FPGA2014 and then i installed FPGA2015 with RT and when i compile i have this problem should i recreat nex project !? to not use the same bitfile of old FPGA ! 




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NI RIO is the driver that our RIO devices use. For a PXI 7841R, it uses the NI-R Series Multifunction RIO driver. This can be repaired by going to the Control Panel >> Add/Remove program >> National Instruments and clicking uninstall/change. That brings up a list of NI software on your computer. Select the driver, and click the option to repair it. 


Michael H

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Yes, now it work perfectly.

Thanks a lot. 

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