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Extracting the index of an array



I'm new here and to Labview in general, so please forgive me if my question is too obvious.

I need to display the STM scans in a 3d-graph - the idea is to use the iteration of the for loop as the y-coordinate,

and to extract the other 2 coordinates out of the hex data I receive from the VISA-Read function. What I've been trying

to do is transform the hex data to decimal, initialize an array with this data and then convert it to a z-matrix to feed the 3d-graph.

The problem is that I need the indices of the z-array to serve as x-coordinates and I can't seem to find a way to extract those. 

Could anyone suggest how I could do that? I've also tried to use the "search array" function but didn't quite succeed.



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Your code is an absolute mess and makes no sense whatsoever. (see also).


For example you are constantly initializing size=1 arrays, index out a nonexisting element, and then search for it. This is circular nonsense. Converting a size=1 1D array into a matrix does not really do anything useful. What's up with all the local variables? Why all these stacked sequence structures? If you use latch action on "start" and "init", you would not need to reset the value in the event using locals. Why is there no stop button and associated event?


I would strongly recommend some basic LabVIEW tutorials before you proceed any further.


Can you show us some typical data from the "read buffer"? Maybe if we could see some raw data, things would make more sense and we can possibly help you. Thanks!

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