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Extracting some part of 1-D array from 2-D array

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Hello. I am using Labview 2014 and need your help.


My purpose is to calculate average of some part in test data file. I did it very easily with Excel using such function of ‘=AVERAGE(D3:D5)’. To manipulate many test data files, I am trying to automate the process with Labview.


Would you please see my attachment image file and answer the questions?

  1. Using the For Loop and the Case Structure, I can extract some part of 1-D array from 2-D array, which I want (Column 4; Row 3 to Row 5). However, there is still unwanted elements of two zeros (Column 4; Row 1 and Row 2) and affect the average calculation. How can I eliminate the unwanted zero returns so that only wanted part (Column 4; Row 3 to Row 5) can be averaged?
  2. Do you know much simpler method other than my code, which can achieve my purpose?

 Attachment Image.jpg


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Hi Conserver,


Yes there is a simplier way to do it. And it solves both your problems :




Then you just need to calculate the average of all the values in the output table 😉


Hope it helps !

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Or maybe something like this:array.pngarray - vi snippet.png

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Check it will be extractUntitled.png

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Thank you.


I am going to take all of your comments into my program.

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