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Extract some records of Datalog file

I create a record for datalog file like struct { timestamp; value}, and I want to read the records within a specifice period into a Chart graph.


for example, I stored the data in 2011/10/5 12:00:00 t0o 2011/10/7 12:00:00, but I only want to read the value in 2011/10/6 11:00:00 to 2011/10/7 11:00:00, now I know how to read the data within

the time sector.


Now I have the begin time and end time, how can I use the time as X scale, while the corresponding value showed on the Chart graph?



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Something like this?  (Sorry, I didn't include how to get the data into the cluster fromat because LV 7.1 has a bug that makes it difficult to convert a string to a timestamp.)

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If the data was stored in Array format, Index array vi could be used to select the information you want;


Otherwise, the true/ false case structure will be better choice, just like sf said~

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