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Express VI GenHelp error

LabVIEW 2009 SP1 DevSuite:

Anyone have trouble making the GenHelp VI compile properly when creating an ExpressVI?


I cloned the DisplayMessage ExpressVI with no changes and the Validate function indicates the GenHelp VI is configured incorrectly.

Am I missing something critically wrong here? Like, turning on my computer??? Breathing oxygen??


Thanks. Dave

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Hi PoolMaster


Have you read this little document about the GenHelp VI? 


Using the genHelp VI to Create Context Help for Custom Express VIs


I think you might find it helpful. Also, make sure the air you breathe has enough oxygen, it has been scientifically proven that humans can't live of carbon dioxide. I suggest trying the BreatheOxygen VI for that purpose. 



Fabián M.
Internal Sales Engineer
National Instruments
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